It’s back to school time! Whilst you all may be excited like me to get some peace and quiet from your kids for 5 days a week, you may not be so excited for the back to school costs. Back to school can be a HUGE dent in any family budget and can derail New Year’s spending goals. So here are a few handy tips to ensure you survive the back to school season with your financial goals intact.

1. Second-hand textbooks

This can save you a TONNE of money. This year, my daughters official textbook list cost over $400! Instead of buying all of this first hand, I went on gumtree and eBay. Predictably, I found most of them there for less than half price second hand. I ended up spending just under $250, a saving of close to 50%.

2. Kmart for stationery

A few years ago, there were two types of stationery. There was the cool stationery everyone wanted from kikkiK or Smiggle, and then there was the lame stationery from Kmart. Those days are over! Now, Kmart makes all sorts of cool-looking stationery your kids will love! No need to pay ridiculous prices for a name brand.

3. Invest in a labelling machine

This is a small investment that will end up paying back a million times over. When I started labelling my kids’ items, whether it be clothes, stationery, books, or bags, I immediately noticed that they started needing far fewer replacement items. You will save a lot of money in no time!

4. Sell old textbooks and uniforms

You should be able to recoup at least some of the costs of back to school by selling old uniforms and textbooks on gumtree or an equivalent site. This year I made over $100 back selling some old dresses and textbooks!

By being just a little bit conscious of your spending, you can save a lot of money and make back to school a lot less stressful. All that’s left to do is kick up your feet and enjoy some time alone without the kids!

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